• ScanMan Software. For warehouses in a manufacturing environment.

    Works alongside an existing ERP system, or stand-alone in your warehouse. 

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  • ScanMan Asset Management

    Latest hardware, software, scanning and communications technology to manage fixed and moveable assets. SAMS provides a solution to assist with reaching the major milestones in the asset management lifecycle.

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  • ScanMan Warehouse Management

    Battling with a warehouse management system that doesn't quite do what you want it to? Then consider this affordable software.

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"ScanMan Software is a suite of software designed around warehouses in a manufacturing environment,
or around fixed and moveable assets in a corporate environment. "

Asset Management

The ScanMan Asset Management System (“SAMS”) uses the latest hardware, software, scanning and communications technology to manage fixed and moveable assets. SAMS provides a solution to assist with reaching the major milestones in the asset management lifecycle. SAMS starts and ends with your ERP or excel data and provides full detailed traceability of all of your assets. ScanMan generates a unique asset ID Number which can be barcoded, human readable or Radio Frequency Identified (“RFID”). 

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Warehouse Management

ScanMan software is designed to work alongside your existing ERP system. Historically, ERP systems have done a mediocre job in warehouse management, being either too rigid or too simplistic in their inventory control. Their user interfaces are often clumsy and frustrating to the users. Scanman is designed to fill the gap by working alongside your ERP system. Receiving and providing information to your ERP system only when needed, and yet working autonomously.

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  • ScanMan Software is proudly "Made in SA"

    ScanMan has been continuously developed, refined, used and tested since 2002. Our "100% Made in South Africa" warehouse management and asset management software is used by various manufacturers and business to manage their warehouse stock, or in an office and factory environment to manage their fixed and moveable assets.


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  • One Software System to manage Assets or Warehouse

    We have leveraged the similarities in barcode scanning of assets and scanning of warehouse items and provided one software system that can manage assets or warehouses by simply changing a setting.This unique feature of ScanMan allows your business to save costs by sharing software licences and hardware, as well as IT resources by rolling out one system to cover two business needs. Schedule your asset stock take on different days to your warehouse inventory count and use the same scanners for both!

    We also supply affordable scanner software that allows powerful data capture techniques to gather data directly into your existing asset or WMS system.

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  • We deliver scanners ready to use with our batch software

    We supply a range of handheld windows mobile pc scanners  from well known brands like Motorola, Intermec, Datalogic, Alien, ATID and others. We deliver them ready to use with our batch software so that you can be scanning and downloading into any file format you need right out of the box. When you place your hardware order for scanners, tell use how many data fields you want to be scanned in your warehouse, and the columns you want downloaded in your text file  as well as the field delimiters. We will install and configure ScanMan W onto your hardware before delivering it.

    We supply Motorola, Alien, and ATID RFID readers which are robust, high powered and well respected in the industry. They are fully guaranteed by the manufacturers, and  are fully supported and serviced by the local agents. You can buy RFID readers, antennas, and other barcode scanners from us, both handheld and fixed mounted. We also have USB RFID Readers to read UHF RFID tags which is useful when taking on stock and assigning RFID tags to items. 

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